Who is the typical Backyard Riches member?

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There isn’t one. Some of us are long-time gardeners. Others have never had dirt under our fingernails. We have half-acre suburban backyards, or don’t own any land at all. We are young and just starting out, or older and on our third or fourth careers. We span geography, generations, income and social status. But here is what we all have in common:

  • We like working outdoors.
  • We like physical work.
  • We like being our own boss.
  • We like the idea of providing a product everyone wants and needs. 
  • We want to build successful, independently owned businesses.  
  • We are ambitious and motivated.
  • We learn best by doing.
  • We like sharing our knowledge and helping others follow in our footsteps.
  • We like to blaze new trails.

By joining us, you are part of a program that is established enough to have a track record of success, but new enough that you can contribute to its development.


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