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The first and most important step before using the forums is to complete the signature block with your name, city, state and country. You can also include your growing zone, if you know it, and your business name if you have one. Location drives many discussions in the forums, so knowing where you are will ensure you get the proper guidance. It also makes it easy for people in your area to connect with you.

 Here is an example of a signature block.

 Wally Satzewich

 Wally's Urban Market Garden

 Saskatoon SK


 zone 3

 To create your signature block, go to the top right side of the forum  under the sign in ("Howdy you"). Click on “Edit profile.” That will present you with a screen that contains a fill in area for your name and signature. Fill in the signature area with your name, farm name, city state and country, and growing zone if you know it, and then click the “Save changes”  button at the bottom.  Your signature will then always appear at the end of your posts.  

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