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Once you have determined that your topic or question has not been addressed before, post away! Here’s how you do it.

  1. Select the appropriate forum to post your thread.
  2. Enter the forum and scroll down through the listed threads to the bottom. There you will see the area to create a new topic.
  3. Type in your Topic Title. Be specific but brief.
  4. Type your question or comment into larger text box. Please use upper and lower case letters because posts in all capital letters are hard to read. You can capitalize a word to emphasize your point, but posts typed in all capital letters, with or excessive exclamation points (!!!!!) are difficult to read. Instead, use the formatting bar at the top of the text box to bold or italicize specific text. You can also use it to add a website  link.
  5. If you would like to upload a photo or a file document such as a pdf, you can do that in the Attachments area at the very bottom of the screen
  6. Be sure to check the box that say Notify me of followup replies to receive replies to your post in your email inbox. 
  7. When you’re happy with your post, click on “Submit”.


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