What is Backyard Riches?

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We are a rapidly growing community whose members are developing thriving businesses right in their own backyards, homes and neighborhoods by meeting the explosive demand for locally grown food, which is now an $8 billion+ industry. We include beginners, as well as established successful business owners who have gone through the Backyard Riches programs and who are now known, trusted and respected in our communities, and beyond, for providing high-quality healthy food.    

Backyardriches.com brings us together via an online community forum, to learn, problem-solve, collaborate and share experiences and expertise to ensure our own continual improvement, and everyone’s long-term business success. The forum gives you direct access to those who can tell you, based on their experience with the Backyard Riches program, how to turn your garden-size plot into farm-size income. And you can earn as you learn, with expert guidance from those who have "been there" or are willing to help figure it out with you, if they haven’t.

 We’re eager to welcome you to the very traditional business of growing food, taught and supported in a very non-traditional way. Backyard Riches is proudly sponsored by SPIN-Farming.

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