How do I decide between Seed to Cash in 14 Days or Less, or the $100k Pro Program?

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Base it on your gardening experience, and how quickly you want to generate income.

If you have less than a few years of gardening under your belt, start with Seed to Cash. If you are an experienced gardener,  go for the $100k Pro Program.

The Seed to Cash in 14 Days or Less program is exactly what it says - it will get you growing and selling within 2 weeks. The $100k Pro Program requires more time to learn and implement, so the soonest you could be earning income will be in a matter of a few months.   

We advise most people to underachieve.  What craters most aspiring professional growers is they are too ambitious in the beginning, they use too large a plot, set too high a revenue target, get overwhelmed, lose control and give up. The bigger plot you start with, the lower your chance of success. That’s just how it goes.  Plus, this is an entirely new way to learn commercial growing. People have to get used to it, and it’s just easier to manage if you low ball it.  

So the best decision is to pick the program you think will be easiest for you to accomplish. That way you can graduate on to the next level quickly and confidently.


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