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The Backyard Riches forum is a collection of people, all relying on each other’s judgment, and this is  one area where it really comes into play. You need to associate your post with one of the 10 forum topics that best relates to it.

To make it as easy as possible, the forums are pretty distinct, so in most situations it should be obvious which is the most appropriate choice. Just aim before you fire.

Here are your targets (forum topics):

  1. Finding, Prepping and Managing Land  - how to assess and obtain traditional and alternative growing spaces,  convert them to productive use and manage them efficiently.
  2. Gear – using and finding  the best seeds, tools and supplies for the job, and how to price, source, use and maintain them
  3. Growing - how to plan, plant and grow backyard crops
  4. Harvesting -   using best and most efficient ways to harvest your crops
  5. Prepping - how to process and unitize harvested crops and present them at market
  6. Marketing - how to decide what to sell, who to sell to, how to sell to them, and what to charge
  7. Workflow – how to manage and scheduling all the various farm tasks to maximize efficiency
  8. Business Management - Issues, advice and how-to on starting and running a profitable food growing business
  9. SPIN Concepts –  how to use the  small plot intensive farming system that makes it possible to earn $50,000+ from 20,000 square feet
  10. Meeting Up - connect with a backyard grower in your area and for SPIN-related job opportunities.
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