Can I purchase forum membership without purchasing the pdf guide downloads?

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No.  Forum members use their understanding of, and experience with the Backyard Riches programs as the basis for forum discussions. So forum membership is open only to those committed enough to learn our prorams, and the SPIN-Farming system on which it is based, by purchasing the pdf guide downloads.


The benefits of knowing and following our program include:

  • Reduces startup and development time.
  • Eliminates much trial and error.
  • Shortens the learning curve.
  • Provides specific benchmarks to measure progress.
  • Provides more control over outcomes and income.
  • Makes collaboration easier.


Take a look at a recent post:

Topic Title: Relay Cropping

Does using the intensive relay cropping method demand that most of our crops be started indoors then transplanted into the beds? It seems as though sowing seed directly into the beds would take too much time for three crops per bed. Does the average SPIN farmer start a lot of produce from seed indoors or in greenhouses?

and this one:

Topic Title: Adjust SPIN profiles for lack of experience?


I'm planning my first microfarm for Spring 2015. Since this is my first year, does anyone know how I should discount for lack of experience? In the SPIN crop profiles, would I expect to grow X % less than the listed yields? Thanks!


To understand the exchanges that follow from these posts, you should know what relay cropping is, why it’s important, and SPIN’s  yield benchmarks.

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